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Terms and conditions

• As always, utmost care will be taken in the execution of the above job, however in the unlikely event of any unforeseen damages or additional expenses; these will be quoted and costed separately

• Where the client has supplied measurements and instruction, Cupboard Talk cannot be held responsible for units that don’t fit into required space, room, up-stairs, ceiling restricted heights, doors, apertures etc. Again Cupboard Talk will assist by resizing and or disassembling units at the customer’s expense. This instruction will be treated as a separately invoiced order and the client will be liable to pay the amounts outstanding as per the original order before any additional work is to be carried out!

• Cupboard Talk will not take any responsibility for incorrectly supplied information with regards to appliances that need to be accommodated in the above order! It is up to the client to supply and check that all measurements of appliances are correct in the layout of the order! Cupboard Talk will at the request of the client and for an agreed fee make sure that the correct information of the clients appliances are used and if the client feels that they are not able to do the necessary measurements of the appliances themselves!

• Cupboard Talk is employed by the client to supply and install the cabinetry outlined above and has not been employed as a project manager, unless stipulated in the above order and only once a project management fee has been established between the client and Cupboard Talk of no less than 5% and no more than 15% of TOTAL project including all other subcontractors and services employed by the client!

• Cupboard Talk will ONLY supply estimates for granite and engineered stone work tops, however the final measurements and pricing will be between the client and the supplier of the work tops. Cupboard Talk will not be involved in any dispute resolutions between work top suppliers and other subcontractors who have been employed by the client. Cupboard Talk will work with these subcontractors and supply all information required by the relevant subcontractor employed by the client (if the client requires Cupboard Talk to project manage their site please see above point with project management fee’s outlined)

• Where units and accessories are to be matched up to existing finishes, colours and finishes cannot be guaranteed.

• The above quotation is subject to final on site measurements.

• Quote is valid for 30 days.

• If electrical power is not available on site at time of the installation, provision of such power will be for the clients account.

• The quotation does not include appliances, building, plumbing, tiling and electrical work to be carried out, or installation of any electrical or plumbing appliances.

• Any work other than outlined in the quotation will be quoted and invoiced separately.

• On acceptance of the quotation, a 60% deposit is payable to Cupboard Talk, 30% payable on delivery of new units and 10% payable on completion and sign off of work to be carried out.

• All goods supplied and installed by remain the property of Cupboard Talk up and until fully paid for. Cupboard Talk reserves the right to remove all supplied / installed goods that have not been paid for in full.



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